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After an unusually lengthy delay with delivering our tile order, RMM finally arrived with the goods.

Typically we would wait less than a week but this time it was about a month.

However, the tiles are here and work started on the floor of the dungeon.

During my visit to UK last November I collected a set of reusable tile leveling devices, these are different from the single use, wasteful plastic clips that I used previously and seem to be much easier to set.

A good couple of sessions and the majority of the main floor is done.

20230226 180920


20230226 180848

A few days later and the edge tiles, each cut to the profile of the granite wall, have been done.

This was a time consuming task but the final outcome seems to be worth it.

20230305 171915

20230305 171943

Next is the bathroom floor with its various holes and the shower pan - eeek!


2 comments on “Return to tiling”

    • The leveling system works great. Easy to set and, as long as you leave a slot for the peg, joining to previously laid tiles is no problem. This was really difficult with the plastic clips that I used previously.

      Removing the pegs can be problematic if too much cement builds up but carefully twisting the peg back and forth to free it gets results. 

      Important to clean the units soon after removal or it becomes a five hour chore soaking and scraping 400 of them. A lesson learned.

      The only limiting factor is the maximum gap width between the tiles, the advert states 8mm but I think more than 6mm might not be possible.

      All in all, very pleased with them.

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