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With the rain stopped, at least for a while, it is possible to see the work done to the outside of the house.

Having some welcome sunshine makes it even better to see and also helps with drying the rendering work.

Firstly, the new granite threshold step into the dungeon space. Installed and ready for a new door to be made and fitted. As you can see, I 'repaired' the old rotten doors with some panels to make a better seal and keep out most of the creatures.

IMG 4100

The exterior insulation around the bathroom is already making it warmer in there. There is almost no condensation on the inside walls, even after a shower, so the benefits are immediately obvious.

Once it is all painted white most of the Summer heat should be kept out and with a new window to match the rest of the house, we will see even more thermal efficiency. I do need to fit a new marble window surround to properly match the new wall - but one step at a time.

IMG 4104

The latest view of the three gables is not very different from the original - or is it?

You can always check it out from the photo album to see how different.

We just can't wait to see it when the whole house is finally painted white with grey highlights to match the kitchen end.

IMG 4106

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