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Like almost every other web site we use cookies to help optimise your experience while using this web site.

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or device by the browser application. Whilst there are many uses for the cookie files, we use the bare minimum to ensure the site functions correctly. The term for this is 'essential cookies'. You agree to the use of these cookies on your first visit to the site.

No personal data is either collected or stored whilst you browse as a guest but your IP address and browser version is recorded for site usage analysis.

We do not interact with any other organisations to provide advertising or other such targetted content.

The cookies will usually last for 60 days after your last interaction with this web-site. Of course you may manually delete the cookies relating to this web-site at any time by following the the instructons relating to the specific browser you are using. Hint! - a good starting place is normally by clicking the 'padlock' icon in your browser's address bar.

However, on your next visit, the required cookies will be recreated and you will have to agree to this policy once again.

If you register and login to the site an additional cookie is set which lasts only as long as you are connected to the site, again no personal information is stored.