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Almost done, at last! It was slow work but worth it.

The new leveling system has helped greatly with tiling the bathroom walls, something I have not had to do for quite a long time.

With most of the junk removed from the main room it seems to be a larger space.

IMG 4131

It would be nice to have the new door set installed, but maybe we will see that before the end of this month.

IMG 4133

Of course, we are still waiting for the door frames to arrive. Until these are installed I cannot finish the roda-pé in the main room.

IMG 4134

However, work in the bathroom can move on. Only the grouting to do and then we can install the bathroom furniture and shower.

IMG 4126

The extractor fan can be installed, and because it is an enclosed bathroom with no windows, an emergency light will be fitted above the door.

Given the high frequency of power cuts in our locale it would be really annoying, though highly likely, for one to happen while taking a shower.

IMG 4129

IMG 4130


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