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A break in the wet weather has allowed some work on the exterior to take place.

Some rendering and the concrete foundation for the gateposts.

With the aid of the cement pistol, a device that basically spits wet cement onto the wall, the guys have applied the base layer for the exterior rendering. The device is not quite the same as the 'shotcrete' system, it uses compressed air to fire the cement through some holes in the base of a small, hand held, hopper which has to be continually filled by scooping out of a barrow. Primitive but quite effective and quick enough for small works like this.

IMG 3959

IMG 3960

And on the main elevation of the house.

IMG 3963

The base foundation for the gateposts has also been poured. Unfortunately, they placed it much nearer the end of the driveway than we originally discussed which will result in a slightly steeper gradient from the road at the lower end, but it should still be easily usable once the ramp from the road to the drive has been built up.

Not much to see except for the elaborate shuttering system.

IMG 3964

There is some more work to do with lifting the granite stones and installing a drainage pipe to run beneath the ramp, so access to the driveway is currently impossible with a normal car.


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