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I fairly quickly realised that the cheap bass wasn’t really up to my expectations so I looked around and read many reviews. An American made Fender Jazz bass was way out of my budget so I found an Ibanez SRX350 on eBay and paid a fair price. The reviewers had all raved about the vast range of sounds one could get from the massive double pole pickups and inbuilt pre-amp, I found that everything sounded the same. I guess it's all in the technique.


This was an excellent instrument though and I used it for a couple of years, going through a number of amplifiers and string brands in the process.

The old 60w Drive amp died in a fit of hiss and crackle one Saturday morning at the music group I was attending. I quickly purchased a Laney RB3 off eBay but unfortunately this didn’t arrive after 2 months so I got the money back and hastily bought a RB4 from a local guy who delivered it in person. It was a beat up unit but sounded every bit as good as I hoped.

Then we went on holiday for two weeks and arrived home to a surprise, the RB3 had been delivered – bonus!!

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