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During our Christmas break in Lisbon, we also visited the Pavilhão de Conhecimento (Pavillion of knowledge).

They have a dinosaur exhibition which is rather interesting.

Our original idea was to visit the oceanarium, again, but the queues were very long and the rain was about to restart.

Nearby, we saw the notice for a dinosaur exhibition so decided that would be a good option.

After queuing for quite some time to get into the building, we passed into the Return of the Giants exhibition where we found a number of dinosaur reconstructions, all with some kind of animatronic action and sounds.

20221229 121619

In addition to the models, there were a number of activities and experiments for people to learn more about dinosaurs and their life.

20221229 122744

However, as we soon found out, the dinosaur room was only a small section of the whole Pavillion.

Moving from room to room there are many science experiments and activities to keep everyone amused.

Although the main theme is science based and is aimed mainly at children, the variety of things to do and see is impressive.

Well worth the visit especially if you have children.


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